Prof. Dr. Bernd Weisshaar

Bernd Weisshaar
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7635-3473

Short CV

  • 2020-2016: Member of the Review Board 202 Plant Sciences of the DFG (German Research Foundation)
  • since 2003: Professor for Genetics and Genomics of Plants (denomination until 2018: Genome Research) at Bielefeld University
  • 2003-1996 MPI for Plant Breeding Research,
    Head of ADIS (Automatic DNA Isolation & Sequencing, MPIPZ DNA core facility)
  • 2003-1991 MPI for Plant Breeding Research, Group leader at the Department Biochemistry (Head: Prof. Dr. Klaus Hahlbrock);
    Main topics: Flavonoids and transcription factor genomics
  • 1994 Visiting scientist at the University of Glasgow (see the main building), Botany Department, with Gareth Jenkins
  • 1991-1989 MPI for Plant Breeding Research, Postdoc in Biochemistry (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Klaus Hahlbrock)
    Main topic: Flavonoid-related gene regulation
  • 1988-1984 University of Cologne, Dissertation in Genetics (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Walter Doerfler)
    Main topics: Viral promoters, DNA methylation and gene regulation
  • 1984-1979 University of Cologne, Diploma in Biology
    (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Lothar Jaenicke)
    Main topic: Glycoproteins from Volvox carteri
  • List of published papers: check here.

Personal note from BW:

The problem of our times is that people don't want to be useful, but important. (cited according to a quote from Lothar Jaenicke)


ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists)

GBM (Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie e.V.)

DBG (Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft)

Scientific degrees


DNA-bindende Proteine der bZIP-Klasse in Pflanzen. (Universität zu Köln, 1994)


Inhibition eines viralen Promoters durch sequenz-spezifische Methylierung: Aufhebung des Transkriptionsblockes durch E1A-Transaktivierung. (Universität zu Köln, 1988)


Biochemische Untersuchungen am Sexualinduktor von Volvox carteri. (Universität zu Köln, 1984)