Canoe Tour 2005

Canoe Tour 01

Once upon a time, with the sun still sky high (Tuesday, 6th of September 2005), a group of nearly 30 scientists and technicians decided to follow the call of nature and to step out of the sanctuary of the campus - as it should be with a bottom of the heart biologist!

Stepping out? Before undergoing this kind of torture it was decided to go for a more agreeable way of traveling.

Canoe Tour 02

Neither being carried, nor horse back riding was an option. Indeed to go canoeing was the the right choice, supported by a salved conscience in ecological terms. Utilising the power of water to comfort our group of outdoor enthusiatics seemed favourable.

Good to know that there are many wee haimish creeks close at hand around Bielefeld. Without further ado man and woman were kind of whirled around and teamed up in groups of two. Origin, rank or experience was not to become important at all and allas we set out for adventure on a wonderful late summer day on the Bega and Werre to make our way from Lieme to Herford.

Canoe Tour 03
Canoe Tour 04

Whereas some decided to survey the creek in its complete breadth, others were more attracted by the culinaria and grape or malt spirits of highest provenience they carried with themselfs.

Canoe Tour 05

Others in turn were adequately equipped with hand weapons, putting into account that we were in mother natures wild surrondings. Facing a warm and sunny climate the squirt guns were indeed misused. Instead of capturing a canoe for the sake of food and drinks the guns were the ultimate mobile shower equipment to cool down those who needed a basic refreshment.

Obstructions and narrowings were handled in a collaborative manner, so that our flotilla made it with a fair wind in 5 hours and way before sunset to our destination ground.

Canoe Tour 06
Canoe Tour 07

Obviously we went for the great challenge - a night out in the woods....

After having prepared the tents and slepping places the freshly caught game was put above a picturesque fire place.

Canoe Tour 08
Canoe Tour 09

Some were still not done and seeked for more action, although orientation concerning the toy got lost at times. This undoubtedly was owed to the circumstance of fading daylight.

In the end at the dead of night the last folks went to sleep imbedded by the cosy place and the fresh air. After a collective rural breakfast most were kind of glad to return to the campus and well known terrain. With a good amount of verve everyone backed to work searching new frontiers on the horizon of science.

Author: Ralf Palmisano