Brewery Herford 2014

This years team excursion took place on a sunny day in mid september and led us to the MARTa Herford museum and the Herforder brewery in Herford.

MARTa Herford is a museum for contemporary art of the 21st century. It shows current trends in design and art with a focus on furniture industry. The name MARTa is an acronym for Möbel (German for furniture), ART and Ambiente (German for ambience). The museum was designed by Frank Gehry in 2001 and opened in 2005. Frank Gehry is a Canadian-American architekt. He lives in Los Angeles and was rewarded the Pritzker Prize. His buildings are cited in the 2010 World Architecture Survey as being among the most important works of contemporary architecture. He is said to form a paper ball, throw it against a wall and use it to create a design for a building.

When we visited the museum it was holding an exhibition about private collections of the artists Herbert Brandl, Bogomir Ecker, Helmut Federle, Katharina Grosse, Friedrich Kunath, Jonathan Meese and Karin Sander. Different collections including painting and photographies but also everyday articles were shown. There was a postcard on which Joseph Beuys scribbled a painting of his hat. Furthermore, a rather disturbing collection of swasticas and pornographic 'literature', a living room with a dromedary standing in the middle as well as a lot of photographies showing images from World War 2 were shown. One room was filled with freezers containing silver painted objects such as a remote control, kitchen utensils and plastic weapons. The latter made us wonder and think about electricity wastage in our society.

After the visit of the museum we made a guided city tour through Herford. Herford is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia and the capital of the district of Herford. It is located in the lowlands between the hill chains of the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest. It was founded in 789 by Charlemagne.

In the evening we visited the Herforder brewery. The history of the brewery started in 1878 when the brothers Gustav and Georg Uekermann founded the brewery „Felsenkeller“ near Herford. In 2006 the brewery changed its name to „Herforder Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG“. Since 2007 it belongs to the Warsteiner group. As soon as we arrived we were served a beer. The most popular beer of the brewery is the Herforder Pils. Further kinds of beer are Export, Alster, black beer, Landbier, wheat beer and alcohol-free beer. Seasonal beers of the Herforder brewery are Maibock and the christmas-beer. We made an interesting guided tour through the brewery and learned all different kind of facts about beer and the process of brewing. Among others we learned that the expiry date of beer refers only to the taste of beer and not the shelf life and that Export beer has a higher alcohol content only for the historical reason to make it more durable.

Later we enjoyed a westphalian dinner of bread, all kinds of german sausages and some cheese for the vegetarians. A raffle took place and Melanie won the cup, a 3-liter glas with beer. We drank it all together and danced to “Atemlos durch die Nacht” by Helene Fischer. After a long day and very companionable evening we did not find an operating bus stop. So we made a long walk to the train station.

Author: Nadia Kamal
Translation: Ulrike Schalk