Climbing Park 2013

This year our team excursion led us to the climbing park at the Johannesberg. Already in 2007 a part of our team made experiences with climbing. Therefore, the enthusiasm was great to repeat this.

The weather was good to us. The sunshades were opened already for the breakfast. We started our day with sponsered bread rolls.

Then climbing harnesses and helmets were simultaneously put on according to the guidance of a climbing instructor. A short climbing demonstration first for everybody, then of everybody and the real fun began. The golden banana (part of the cleverly elaborated safety system) was hooked in and loud shouts like „May I change“ sounded through the trees. We went up into hamster wheels, swing ropes, stirrups and many more stations. While the one or other could not get enough of the thrill in dizzy heights others spent the remaining time with cross boule.

As an alternative to climbing some group members went to the farmhouse museum close by. There was a lot to learn about the traditional rural life... and cake.

After this exhausting physical strain which brought sore muscles to the one or other the next day the common barbecue in the garden started. Cold drinks and a paddling pool provided the strongly needed cooling of the dried-out throats and the maltreated feet. At two stations our experiences barbecue experts prepared the grillables for the physical well-being. A short rain shower during the meal could not spoil our good temper which lasted for the rest of the evening.

Authors: Katharina Thiedig and Ann-Christin Krull
Translation: Ulrike Schalk