Current members of the team

Team 2018
Front row (ltr): Alenka Hafner, Jana-Freja Frommann, Mareike Busche, Sophia Hansen, Jan Reineke, Christopher Acatay, Melanie Kuhlmann, Bianca Frommer, Andrea Voigt, Ulrike Schalk, Bernd Weisshaar, Prisca Viehöver
Back rows (ltr): Kali Swichtenberg, Ralf Stracke, Willy Keller, Dakota Howard, Lea Henrike Zimmermannn, Jens Loers, Gesa Helmsorig, Boas Pucker, Svenja Gaedcke, Jens Theine, Daniela Holtgräwe, Martin Sagasser, Ute Bürstenbinder.

The picture was taken in Juli 2018 in front of the CeBiTec building (Section G) of Bielefeld Universiy. Thanks to Björn Fischer for photography!

Members of the group:

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