Seminars 2019

Progress Reports and Journal Club Sessions

Also for advanced students of biology or related subjects; guests are always welcome!

Time: 12:30 - Location: G1-106 (if not stated otherwise) in the CeBiTec building.

Date Progress Report
(who reports)
Journal Club
(who reports)
Paper to be discussed,
special topics or remarks
10.04.2019 Martin Sagasser Safety Instructions
17.04.2019 Jana-Freja Frommann
29.04.2019 Boas Pucker Monday !
PhD Defense Trial Talk
15.05.2019 Boas Pucker
22.05.2019 Scientific Staff Meeting
29.05.2019 Nele Tiemann
Hanna Schilbert
PM Report
05.06.2019 Martin Sagasser O'Malley et al.
12.06.2019 Jens Theine
19.06.2019 Mareike Busche Arnold et al.
26.06.2019 Ralf Stracke Zheng et al.
03.07.2019 Lucia Landwehrjohann PM Report
10.07.2019 Caroline Teichert
Jasmin Hartmann
PM Reports
17.07.2019 Ashutosh Pandey
07.08.2019 Gabriel Abrantes PM Report
05.09.2019 Helena Siemens
Jens Theine
Thursday !
RM Report; Trial Talk
19.09.2019 Christina Drake Thursday !
MSc Report