Seminars 2020

Progress Reports and Journal Club Sessions

Also for advanced students of biology or related subjects; guests are always welcome!

Time: 12:30 - Location: Zoom meetings.

Date Progress Report
(who reports)
Journal Club
(who reports)
Paper to be discussed,
special topics or remarks
22.04.2020 Irina Dück RM Report
29.04.2020 Maximilian Schöne RM Report
13.05.2020 Katharina Frey Trial Talk BREW 2020
20.05.2020 Andreas Rempel Trial Talk BREW 2020
27.05.2020 Thomas Kollar RM Report
03.06.2020 Jan Reineke RM Report
10.06.2020 Katharina Frey Palfalvi et al.
17.06.2020 Tom Nacke Xie et al.
08.07.2020 Boas Pucker Trial Talk
15.07.2020 Marvin Hildebrandt PM Report