MYB Functions in Arabidopsis thaliana

Project Leader

Ralf Stracke, PhD


MYB proteins are characterised by a conserved domain, the MYB DNA-binding domain. This domain generally consists of up to four imperfect repeats (R), each forming a helix-turn-helix structure of about 53 amino acids. In contrast to animals, plants contain a MYB protein subfamily which is characterised by a R2R3-type MYB domain. The 'classical', c-Myb related MYB factors of the R1R2R3-type seem to be involved in the control of the cell cycle in animals, plants and other higher eukaryotes. Arabidopsis thaliana contains 126 R2R3-type MYB genes which control many aspects of plant secondary metabolism, as well as the identity and fate of plant cells.


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MYB Genes