Crop genomics

Project Leader

Daniela Holtgräwe, PhD


The isolation of agronomic and scientific important genes is followed by forward and reverse genetics. Comparative approaches, positional cloning and TILLING of genes are the main strategies applied. Comparative approaches are used to transfer and extent the knowledge, gained from modal organisms, to important crop species like sugar beet (Beta vulgaris, L.) and oilseed rape (Brassica napus, L.). New generation sequencing data as well as classical cloning and sequencing assays facilitate this research. The positional cloning project includes development of genetic markers and the identification of recombination events tightly linked to the target loci (in different mapping populations). The central aim of the joined TILLING project is to develop new genetic and non-transgenic diversity useful for direct integration into the actual breeding programs. After setting up a reverse genetic platform in oilseed rape and Arabidopsis, distinct fields of interest are at the core of our project:

Identification of allelic mutant series for important candidate genes, related either to flower and seed pigmentation or to oil content and quality, and the creation of an interactive and constantly evolving database to assist the TILLING workflow and the data management.


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Crop Genomics
Crop Genomics