Additional data for Wisman et al. (1998)

The figure was prepared for the paper Wisman et al. 1998 (in PNAS) but had to be removed due to length constrains. It is cited in the text as "data not shown". You will need the paper text to get the info from the figure.

(A) Schematic representation of the FLS gene and the En-1 insertion allele. The fragments resulting from a HindIII digest of genomic DNA which are detected by the FLS cDNA probe are indicated with sizes given in kb. The position of the En-1 right end probe (small open rectangle) is also indicated.

(B) Identification of homo- and heterozygous plants, detection of somatic reversion events, and prove of line identity by DNA gel-blot analysis. Results from a DNA gel-blot analysis of offspring (lanes labelled 8, 15, and 16) of plant 14 and of P90 (parent of plant 14). Col-wt genomic DNA is included as control; all digested with HindIII. Probes are given below the autoradiograms. Bands corresponding to the fragments highlighted in (A) are marked in the left panel. The three offspring plants were selected to include each genotype once. The wildtype-sized FLS band (2.43 kb) detected in two fls-1::En/fls-1::En plants (lanes labelled P90 and 16) is derived from somatic reversion events. The right panel shows that all plants are derived from the initial mutant isolated.