1999 MPIZ instituts meeting

about ADIS:
- started in November 1995 (ADIS home page)
- ADIS-Gremium (dates of the "Gremiumstreffen")
- people working at ADIS
- instrumentation of ADIS
- informatics together with Guido Goebel, Stephan Webanck, Fuad Abdallah as well as Hölle & Hüttner GmbH and ID-Pro GmbH

DNA oligonucleotide ordering
- ordering via the OligoOrderDB (program version c3.1)
- - see the "frequently asked questions"-page (OligoOrderDB-FAQ)
- - how to type my "Kostenstelle"? See the Kostenstellenliste"
- - now three suppliers, independent server, improved database program
- - number of orders processed per week (graphic)
- group-specific access to the MPIZ oligo database
- - store information on your existing oligos
- - add comments to existing entries ("edit" function - add comments to older DB entries)
- - use the statistics information to see how much money was spent
- how the "Einkauf" uses the generated data
- quality concerns: three supplier since March 1999 (see the pricelists of MWG, LifeTechnologies/GibcoBRL, and metabion)
- - MWG has changed its price list by July (no "standard" oligos any more, only "HPSF". Result: higher prices)
- - please report problems, results of quality test experiments and related information
- planned for the future:
- - export option of a user-specific list of oligos for "Material" in diploma and PhD theses (tab-delimited text file)
- - maintenance (if you report bugs we will try to fix them ...)

DNA sequencing
- general info and recommendations
- our primer collection is larger now
- - if you want to have a often used primer to be included contact me!!
- number of reactions (per month, only those charged)
- BigDye-Terminator chemistry
- for M & M: if you use sequencing data in publications
- - it would be nice if you would tell us about papers which mention ADIS!!
- examples of gel pictures and trace data:
- - user-related problems
- - - experienced users which have a very high success rate in sequencing: Ulrike Hartmann, Adile Acarkan, Sabine Zachgo, Katrin Schneider,
- - template-related problem
- - primer-related problem (looks identical to the template-related problem shown)
- - gel-related problem(s)
- small sequencing projects (fragments significantly larger than 1.4 kbp - see the sequencing info; software: Sequencher)
- SeqOrder1.0 is in operation (first version completed 08/1999)
- - see the "frequently asked questions"-page (SeqOrder-FAQ)
- - user access page
- - ADIS operator access page (how are the data processed?)
- - WWW-based generation of sequencing requests (database of all requests)
- - new users will be added upon
- - correct username, complete KSt info, readable writing,
- - automatic generation of data file names (01-3456-username-temp-prim.Seq)
- - computer-aided generation of "sample sheets"
- - automatic listing of "requests in queue", user-specific request tracking
- - computer-aided generation of the monthly "Umbuchungsbelege"
- data delivery and access to old data as well as the trace files
- - automatic data delivery to users (you), directed by file names (01-3456-username-temp-prim.Seq)
- - automatic data backup, directed by file names (/home/600/adis/Datensicherung/request-Nr4200-4299/4295)
- - user access to data files (sequence text and "trace" files) with getadisdata
- "primitive" (basic) automatic local BLAST analysis of your sequence data (sequences need to be trimmed - provide the required info!)
- planned for the future:
- - better base caller which includes accuracy values (UNIX-based)
- - improved automated blast searches (automatic vector trimming, WebBlast, data access via IntraNet)
- - paper-free data delivery (delivery sheet via IntraNet, Java-based trace file viewer from your Web Browser)

DNA fragment analysis (GeneScan)
- support for mapping experiments (groups of Christiane Gebhardt and Katrin Schneider)
- fluorescent differential display (group of Imre Somssich (Silke Robatzek))
- planned for the future:
- - SSCP analysis on 310 and later on the 3700 (SNP detection)

Colony picking and spotting
- service for people interrested in picking and spotting (contact Diana Lehmann or Prisca Viehoever for picking and/or spotting)
- - projects in progress with groups of: Klaus Palme, Christiane Gebhardt, Zsuzsanna Schwarz-Sommer, ZIGIA, ...
- planned for the future (under way):
- - joined efford to generate A. thaliana "UniGene" cDNA filters - PCR fragments from EST- (AG Palme/ADIS/ZIGIA/AG Weisshaar)
- - - people involved: Lars Vahlkamp, Juliette Leymarie, Sirak Kifle, and Ralf Stracke (example picture from controls)
- - generation of high-density filters when there is broader interest (excluding those available from RZPD)
- - establishment of Glas chip technology

Other stuff
- support for mapping using A. thaliana RILs (DNA of Lister and Dean lines)

bottom line: for further improvements we need bioinformatics!