1998 MPIZ instituts meeting

About the MPIZ
- a picture of the institute
- about 400 people (ca. 250 scientists including undergraduates)
- located at the border of Köln (panorama picture)

About ADIS:
- started in November 1995 (ADIS home page)
- people working at ADIS
- instrumentation of ADIS
- (bio)informatics together with local UNIX system administration and external programmers

About me:
- you can find infos about me and the stuff I talk about today at http://www.mpiz-koeln.mpg.de/~weisshaa/BW-info.html

DNA oligonucleotide synthesis
- electronic ordering via the UNIX/HTML/Perl program
- data input page OligoOrderDBv3.0-1,
- price listing example OligoOrderDBv3.0-2,
- option to choose between suppliers OligoOrderDBv3.0-3
- database of the ordered oligos via the local WWW interface OligoOrderDBv3.0-4

DNA sequencing
- general info and recommendations (sorry - link only for local users)
- our primer collection
- number of reactions (sorry - link only for local users)
- BigDye-Terminator chemistry
- for M & M: if you use sequencing data in publications
- examples of gel pictures:
- - user-related problems
- - template-related problem
- - gel-related problem
- small sequencing projects (fragments significantly larger than 1.2 kbp; software: Sequencher)
- automatic data delivery to users (you), directed by file names (01-3456b-weisshaa-temp-prim.Seq)
- automatic data backup, directed by file names (/home/600/adis/Datensicherung/request-Nr4200-4299/4295)
- planned for the future:
- - WWW-based generation of sequencing request
- - - goals: correct username, complete KSt info, readable writing, request tracking, automated generation of "sample sheets"
- - - please use the current test version (now in operation 06/99) (data entry from your computer)
- - - - users registered for oligo ordering are registered by default, others will be added upon
- - - - activation of sequencing requests (link removed) at the ADIS freezer (only available from the "freezer computer")
- - better base caller which includes accuracy values (UNIX-based)
- - user access to "trace files" (UNIX-based)
- - reduction of queues (quicker results for you)
- - improved automated blast searches (WebBlast, data access via IntraNet)

DNA fragment analysis (GeneScan)
- support for mapping experiments (group of Christiane Gebhardt)
- planned for the future:
- - mapping service using A. thaliana RILs (Lister and Dean lines)

Colony picking and spotting
- pilot project in progress (together with Riccardo Velasco)
- planned for the future:
- - support for people interrested in picking and spotting
- - generation of high-density filters when there is broader interest (excluding those available from RZPD)