News & History

2013-12-19 Donation to the "Kinderhospiz-Bethel"

During the annual Christmas staff party, co-workers of the Chair of Genome Research collected money to support the "Kinderhospiz-Bethel" in Bielefeld. The amount of 568 Euro was donated to the "Kinderhospiz" yesterday.

2013-11-20 Science and Pope support 'Golden Rice'

Prof. emeritus Ingo Potrykus and the Pope in Rome talked about 'Golden rice': Now Golden Rice is blessed! See Papst-Segen zum „Golden Rice“: „Now it is blessed!“.

2013-10-16 Joomla PubMed plugin

Especially for the relaunch of the Genome Research website in 2013-10 a Joomla plug-in was developed. This plug-in allows to automatically integrate references to publications into the pages with data from PubMed. An example of the plug-in in action can be seen here. For downloading and further development, the plug-in is available on GitHub.

2013-10-15 Relaunch of Gf website (bi-lingual & Joomla 3.x)

The Genome Research website has been newly set up with Joomla 3, using the option to display some of the pages in English and German. For pages that exist in both languages, you can use the flags to switch. The laborious adaption to the new version has been carried out by Martin Zurowietz. Thanks to him!

2012-03-23 Website moved to a new server

The Genome Research website has been moved to a new server, and the Joomla Version has been updated to 1.7.3. The adaption to the new version and the creation of new style sheets has been carried out by Andreas Kloetgen.

2012-01-17 Press release: sugar beet genome sequence v0.9 available

Our BeetSeq project that is carried out together with the Himmelbauer group and sugar beet breeders on sequencing the sugar beet genome has reached an important milestone: version 0.9 of the draft genome sequence has been made available to the scientific community. There is a press release in German (check here), and the sequence itself can be downloaded from the The Beta vulgaris resource website.

2010-04-07 Website moved to Joomla

The Genome Research website has been moved to Joomla!
Along with a major update, the website of the Institute of Genome Research is now under the control of a content management system. We decided to use Joomla. The move and the new set-up has been carried out by Benedikt Loewes. This change (hopefully) allows faster updates and helps to coordinate maintainance by multiple users.