Seminars 2019/2020

Progress Reports and Journal Club Sessions

Also for advanced students of biology or related subjects; guests are always welcome!

Time: 12:30 - Location: G2-104 (if not stated otherwise) in the CeBiTec building.

Date Progress Report
(who reports)
Journal Club
(who reports)
Paper to be discussed,
special topics or remarks
10.10.2019 Christian Siadjeu Thursday, G1-106!
Guest Scientist
16.10.2019 Greta Pohl
Marvin Hildebrandt
RM Report
PM Report
30.10.2019 Wiebke Halpape RM Report
20.11.2019 David Díaz Ramírez Guest Scientist
27.11.2019 Boas Pucker
04.12.2019 X-mas Seminar 13:00 !
11.12.2019 Marie Solkan PM Report
08.01.2020 Franziska Reiher
15.01.2020 Christopher Acatay